Gift your home the Christmas Decor

5 latest decor trends you should watch out for this holiday. Find out how to decorate your special spaces this Christmas and add festivity to your home. Start with the hallway This is the time of year when you expect visitors and hallway is the face of your home. Bring festivity to the space by… Continue reading Gift your home the Christmas Decor

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Fall is here!

Is your home Fall ready. Follow these 6 easy steps to make your home Fall ready. I have covered everything right from the color scheme to the textures. So, let's get started. Choose a color scheme P.C :¬†sarahrenaeclark.com Fall is associated with yellow, ocher, amber, red¬† leaves, so why not choose that. Go for earthy/rustic… Continue reading Fall is here!

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Give your girl her dream room

6 decor ideas to transform your daughter's bedroom I remember while I was growing up how much I loved decorating my own room. Those picture collages on the wall, round mirror on my dresser and my big teddy on the shelf. I just loved every corner of my space. Every girl wants her dream room… Continue reading Give your girl her dream room