6 ways to make your home beautiful during this stay home

Feeling stuck at home? Not anymore. Use this precious time to give your house a new look. You can use these 6 tips to make your home look beautiful and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

  1. Create a photo wall
    photo wall
    It’s the best time to take a walk down the memory lane and cherish the most beautiful moments. Adorn these moments on your walls by creating a family gallery wall. Add some mementos, souvenirs to make the wall full of life.
  2. Time to declutter
    #declutter #mariekondo #lockdown #springcleaning
    Decluttering of space is also decluttering of mind. Create that most needed space in your closet, retain things that “spark joy” in life, as Marie Kondo says. You will discover some unknown spaces which you can use for new purchases.
  3. Rearrange your furniture
    Your furniture also deserves a walk even if its inside the house. Rearranging the existing furniture can refresh the look of your house. Start on a blank canvas, swap rugs in the rooms, place furniture against a different wall and wait for the magic.
  4.  Add greens to your house
    #terrarium #diydecor #diyterrarium
    Its spring time and you would not want to miss adding greens in your house. Froam a small terrarium to rubber plants, these low maintenance greens add life to your living space. Try making your own terrariums with your family.
  5. Try a new DIY wall art
    #diydecor #macrame
    Wear your creative hat and get your hands on some fun stuff with your partner or kids or yourself. Upcycle any unused ropes into a beautiful macramé or a can into a flower vase. Just think creative and add the personal touch to your home.
  6. Pick up a home renovation project
    #kitchen backsplash
    Is the kitchen backsplash been overlooked from ages? Does your study wall need a new wall paper? Or is it time to give your kids bed a new head board? Yes!! Why not pick a small weekend project and spruce up your house. Don’t over engineer the makeover, keep it simple.

And if you need to gift your home a new look in this stay home situation sign up for a Renovar Home Decor subscription box.  Renovar – Home Decor Subscription.



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