pumpkin table decor
Fall Decor

Fall Inspired Dining Decor

Let your dining table exhibit the fall galore with these easy DIY decor ideas.

  1. Go minimal and rustic
    candle stands
    If you dont want to go all out loud, repurpose old candle stands and place small decorative pumpins on them. This can add the fall flavor in minimal style. Give these candle stands a coat of fresh paint and scrap some edges to add the rustic look.
  2. Black and White can also be Fall colors!!
    black and white
    Why should Fall colors be only warm and earthy. You can experiment with monochromatic color scheme using blacks, whites and gray. Don’t forget to include patterns and textures with this color scheme.
  3. Balance the textures
    dining mats
    When decoraing for Fall, it is very critical to balance multiple textures in the theme. Fall is a all about using natural textures. This set up will inspire you to team up a bold texture of the cane charger with smooth and shiny velvet pumpins. Also notice the layering of the dinner plates. Adding small elements like pine cone adds a personal touch to the setup.
  4. Why spend on buying a center piece
    pumpkin centerpiece
    Use your harvest to create the centerpiece for the dining table. Pumpkins and gourds come in varied colors, shapes and sizes which you can use to create an ensemble for the table.
  5. Use what you have got
    table decor
    You do not need to spend a lot of money to get the desired look, use what you have in your closet or backyard. Play with assortment of different plates, glasses, napkins. You can go creative and create a beautifl interplay of colors, patterns and textures.


Enjoy decorating your Fall Decor table with these ineresting ideas and for an easy Fall decor setup subscribe to Renovar to get a Fall inspired decor box. Sign up now and get 20% off your subscription using code RENOFALL.




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