Gift your home the Christmas Decor

5 latest decor trends you should watch out for this holiday. Find out how to decorate your special spaces this Christmas and add festivity to your home.

  1. Start with the hallway
    This is the time of year when you expect visitors and hallway is the face of your home. Bring festivity to the space by adding green garland on the console or around the mirror.  Frame the mirror with the wreath and let it sit above the console. Do not forget to add a golden element to bring richness in the setup.
  2. Add extra cushions
    christmas cushions
    Yes, it is winter and its time to get cozy. Add extra cushions on the couch and do not forget the soft warm throw. Plaids are symbolic to Christmas, so why not use it. Easy DIY trick is to reuse old checks shirt to make cushions out of them. Red is the color of the season, but checks in any color would work for Christmas decor.
  3. Fireplace and Mantle
    christmas stocking
    How can we miss the mantle and the stockings. Stockings are no more kids thing, but are important decor accessories. This Christmas,d go Country style and make some Christmas stockings with your children out of Burlap. You can also incorporate plaid in here. With stockings comes the stocking holder. Get creative and use small Christmas trees or photo frames as stocking holder.
  4. Set the dining table with the Greens
    christmas dining decor
    Christmas is the time when family comes together and enjoys some delicious meals. Bring the element of nature in your dining table. Place some pine leaves bunch on the dining table as the center piece and add some candles in it. Use wooden chargers and rose gold cutlery. This  contrast setting on the table will definitely leave your friends and family in awe.
  5. Let the decor follow to other rooms
    christmas decor
    Christmas decor is just not for your living or dining room, but for every corner of the house. My personal favorite is adding family pictures on the staircase wall and decorating the steps with candles. Do not forget the traditional garland on the railing, but do it in style. Make the decor more personal in these areas and let your emotions flow in form of decor.


I am sure you all have started putting together the decor for your home for Christmas. I hope these ideas will help you add more beauty to your adobe. Do check out Renovar’s December Christmas box for beautiful home decor.

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