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7 things to do this fall with your family

Fall has finally raised its colder head on Saturday, September 22nd, putting rest to a sweaty summer. Time to pull out those woollens that were kept hidden in a trunk. However, autumn can be more than wearing warm clothes and snuggling under a blanket with a mug of hot chocolate and endless Netflixing. If you are wondering what you can do as a family this fall, then I have few ideas for you.


1. Time to Light a Bonfire: If you have had some exciting barbecue parties this summer then it is time to light a bonfire this fall season. Crackling flames, cozy blankets, hot apple cider and maybe a scary story or two while you roast some marshmallows are the makings of a perfect relaxing family evening. Many public green spaces have fire pits for public use, or buy or build your own for the backyard—it’s great for families who do a lot of entertaining.

2. Time to Pick Some Apples: Have started noticing “U Pick Apples” signboard popping outside local orchards? Time to notice them and I promise you will have one of the most exciting afternoons picking apples with your family. Apart from picking apples you can also, treat your family with some apple butter, apple cider donuts and hot cider that are available at these local orchards.

3. Try Some Delicious Pumpkin Recipes: Not feeling outdoorsy? I have a solution. Whip up some delectable pumpkin treats at home. Not only pumpkins are super-nutritious, these low-calorie fruits are also naturally sweet, indulgent and festive. Spend an afternoon baking some pumpkin pie or bread or even a cake with the kiddos. You can also serve up some hot pumpkin soup to beat the cold or make something healthier like a pumpkin pie smoothie for an autumnal treat for your kids.


4. Make Autumn-themed Crafts: Time to showcase your flair for crafts to your children and help them make a wreath for the front door out of colorful foliage collected from your yard or from a local park, or create a wall hanging using dried leaves, thread and dried up branch.

5. Design a Halloween Costume: Halloween is one of the major highlights of the Fall season. It is easy to grab a Halloween costume for your kids from a store, however, why not save some money and give wings to your children’s imagination? Help them make their costumes, you could choose to use clothing or accessories you already own, or get crafty with glue and glitter.

6. Carve some Pumpkins: With Halloween comes the pumpkin carving sessions. I love doing that with my nephews so I am sure you will also have some fun doing it along with your kids. Go crazy with making weird looking stuff as Halloween is all about getting creatively spooky.


7. Make Your Home Fall Ready: Involve your kids in making your home Fall ready. Have you tried the Renovar Home Decor Box? Subscribe the same and get a Fall box delivered to you which has a Knit Diamond Patterned Throw Blanket, Nordic style Cushion cover, Glass Jar, Wooden coasters, Dry Wheat Bundle, Jute loop and DIY ideas. I am sure you and your kids will enjoy the process of putting together this ensemble of home decor and giving a new look to your home.


These were my suggestions, list down yours and share it with us. Happy Decorating


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