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Fall is here!

Is your home Fall ready. Follow these 6 easy steps to make your home Fall ready. I have covered everything right from the color scheme to the textures. So, let’s get started.

  1. Choose a color scheme
    fall colors

    P.C :

    Fall is associated with yellow, ocher, amber, red  leaves, so why not choose that. Go for earthy/rustic shades to bring the fall in your home. This color scheme is also a good transition from Summers to Winters. You should choose one dominant color and then complimentary colors around it. Renovar box for Ex, has Yellow as the dominant color complimented by natural tones.

  2.  Add a layer of warmth
    throw blanket
    As we inch towards Winter, it is a good idea to add a warmer throw on your couch or sofa or bed. I would highly recommend using knit woolen throw, they are warm and also add the much required visual texture. Look for Fall color throws and that can become the focal point of the room. Check out this throw in the box.
  3. Bring the harvest element
    wheat dried flowers
    Fall is the season of harvest and gratitude, add that in your decor. Wheat sheaves are a great option. Throw a bunch of sheaves in a glass jar or wrap them around a candle or, make a wreath, options are endless. You can also add some fresh apples, oranges and pine cones to your dining table center piece. These elements instantly add the desired colors and textures of Fall.
  4. Fill the space with aroma
    aroma candles
    Fall is when you start smelling the roasted pumpkin soups, hot apple cinnamon ciders.. ohh mouth watering. Let’s engage our senses with aroma candles, potpourris and scented flowers. Crete your own candle or potpourris with these DIY ideas.
  5. Oh Hello, Pumpkin!
    white pumpkins
    No Fall decor is complete without the PUMPKINS. Whether you choose to display your own picked pumpkins or buy artificial ones, adding them in any form or shape is a must. I have always loved white pumpkins, they are a subtle and go well with neutral decor. You can also find cute looking stuffed or quilted pumpkins to add in the bedrooms.
  6. Add the words of gratitude
    thankful sing wooden
    Let’s remind ourselves to be thankful for the crop we harvested and food we eat. Do not shy away from using the wooden plaque cards, cutouts or, signs on the wall, table and floor. You can use a “thankful” printed door mat to give an inviting entrance or a small handmade card on the dinner table, use your creativity to express gratitude. You can find some interesting DIY ideas here.

I am sure these ideas would have excited you enough to get your home Fall ready. We have created a Fall inspired box to make your work easy.  So, join now and get 10% off your subscription.





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