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Give your girl her dream room

6 decor ideas to transform your daughter’s bedroom

I remember while I was growing up how much I loved decorating my own room. Those picture collages on the wall, round mirror on my dresser and my big teddy on the shelf. I just loved every corner of my space. Every girl wants her dream room to be the best among her friends.  So why not help her get that. Here are my simple and easy tips and tricks to make your daughter’s room the best in her group.

    1. Fur pillows
      faux fur pillow mongolian fur pillow
      Bring that rich furry soft texture in the room by adding these Mongolian faux fur pillows. Pair them with solid or patterned sheet to bring a layered dimension on the bed, or just use a faux fur skin on the study chair. Some people find it cliched, but fur is contemporary and will not go out of fashion.
    2. Bright bold furniture
      pink desk chair
      Give the old desk a fresh coat of paint and bring it to life. Why go for neutrals when you can experiment with bold colors in the room. Use colors like hot pink, mauve, emerald green, or royal blue and pair it with textured or patterned chair. Alternatively, use a bold printed wall paper and place a deep color desk in front.
    3. Floor cushions
      floor cushion
      Your daughter would love this, creating her “me space” next to a long window with a comfy rug and big floor pillow. She will spend most of  her creative time here. This will become the hang out spot for her friends. Pair a patterned durrie/rug with a giant solid floor pillow. You can DIY the floor pillow with your daughter. Follow this link for some ideas.
    4. DIY accessories display
      accessories stand
      Nothing can be more cooler than a DIY accessories stand. Let’s accept this, girls need space for their jewelry, hair accessories, scarves, etc etc. Make the accessories storage a part of the room decor. Use a large peg board or a chicken mesh to create a base for the storage and attach knobs, hooks, small baskets and, lots more to hang their accessories. You can also put hangers with hooks on the wall next to the mirror. There are endless options.
    5. Fairy lights and photos
      fairy light photo collage
      I agree fairy lights are a history now, but its how and where you place them. Use the lights to create a pattern on the wall or use them as a canopy on your bed, these fairy lights will look different each time. I would also suggest wrapping them on a stool or a coat hanger to make it a glowing furniture piece in the night. These lights can be a good replacement to the night lamp.
    6. Speaking wall
      frame wall on girls bedroom
      My personal favorite tip is words on the wall. Your room is the expression of what you are, so why not vocalize it. Let one wall speak about your daughter’s  dreams, belief, aspirations, choices, about who she is.  Use quotes in a frame, pictures of her dream destination, poster of her favorite band etc.,  anything and everything about her. So I will let the wall do the talking.


I am sure these tips and ideas will help you create the best room for your daughter or sister or granddaughter. For more such design ideas and products visit Renovar – Home Decor Redefined. Follow us on Facebook, Pinterest,  Instagram, Twitter




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