Dining table decor
Dining Table decor

5 Tips to set your Dining Table in style

Dining table is the place where the family comes together, eats together and laughs together. Use these tips to set your dining table for casual Sunday brunches or formal family dinners. Make your every meal special.

  1. Work in Contrasts

    Black dinner plate black and white

    Alternate solids with prints in your dining table decor to create layers and add depth to the set up. Pair a solid base (table mat or large dinner plate) with a print on top (quarter plate or a bowl or a napkin) to create the drama in decor.

  2. Add a hint of the season

    dinner plate wooden and citrus fruit
    Remember to take cues from the season and add an element to reflect it. Summers are all about fresh juicy fruits, add them to your center piece or in a print on your napkins. Use dried maple leaves for the Fall or pine cones for the Winters. Every season will bring a different flavor to your dinning table. 

  3. Incorporate green and natural material

    fern table decor
    If you can not have outdoor brunches, bring the nature inside your home. Go for “All Natural” table decor. Cut some fresh green ferns and add them to your napkin ring or place your cutlery on top of a large philodendron or a palm leaf. You can even use a banana leaf as a place mat, using a natural leaf will change the game. If all these are out of scope simply use jute mats, wooden cutlery, and some succulents to deck up your table.

  4. Classy Black Act

    black plates

    If you can not think of anything trust the black. Perfect for all seasons and for all cuisines. Pair your solid black ceramic bowls and plates with two-tone bronze or gold finish cutlery. Black dinnerware always enhances the color of your food, so never be scared of serving anything in black.

  5. DIY centerpiece

    red branch with birds
    Invest in creating a centerpiece for your dining table and let that be the conversation starter. These DIY center pieces are an affordable and easy way to lift up the decor of your table. Up-cycle an old mason jar by tying jute string and placing twigs in it or paint a tree branch in bright color to draw the attention. Use your imagination to create a sensational artform.

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