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6 Tips to make your Home Office beautiful

Every home office owner will agree, how important it is to keep your work space lively and refreshing. With these useful tips you can also make your work from home fun and productive.

  1. Accent the back wall homeoffice1
    Deep color will draw attention to the space and give a dramatic backdrop to your desk and accessories. Use colors of the season like deep red, grey, teal, shades of blue to team up with bright metallic accessories.
  2. Natural light
    Place your desk close to a window to fill your work top with good amount of natural and refreshing sunlight. Use window sill as another space to keep your desk belongings. Taking break from your work and looking out of the window is blissful.
  3. Wall organizers homeoffice6
    Most efficient way to decorate the back wall as well as organize your stationery, important notes and photographs. Create your own wall organizers using steel mesh, clips, hooks and buckets. This will help you save tons of space on your desk.
  4.  Get some Greens homeoffice4
    Bring the outdoors indoors, by adding hints of fresh plants in your work space. Add low maintenance plants like  succulents, cacti or ferns. Try making your own terrariums to stand every weather.
  5. Add a rug
    A nice, cozy rug can change the game. It just not define your space, but also create a focal point. Use a plush cut thread rug or woven Ikat durrie, rugs never go out of trend.
  6.  Personalize your spacehomeoffice3
    Sometimes you get so engrossed in your work that you forget the real you. It is a good idea to add small cues of your personality on your desk. Family pictures, handmade childhood memories, handwritten notes, your favorite cushion and a lot more, you can add anything and everything to make your desk, your own.

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